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Dogs are undeniably man’s best friend and bring a lot of happiness in the home. It is essential to feed our pet friends with the most nutritious food to enhance their life overall quality of life. While choosing your dog’s diet, it is crucial to ensure that its nutrients, minerals, and vitamins are from natural sources. Let us review on of the most nutritious and protein-packed dog food known as Victor Grain-Free Active Dog & Puppy food.


The Victor Dog Food Brand food is owned by Mid America Pet Food based in Texas. This company is famed for manufacturing delicious dog food packed with all the essential nutrients. The company made its debut in 2007.

Recall History

Our research on various online platforms and FDA database showed no recall of any of the Victor brands. The company has seemingly kept a clean record

Product overview

Victor Grain-Free Active Dog & Puppy is a premium food manufactured to meet the nutritional needs of your furry friend.  This formula blends a variety of animal based protein from beef, chicken, fish, and pork. Beans and sweet potatoes are added to aid in digestion and help strengthen the immune system. The ingredients found to meet the nutritional standards of the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrients


  1. Beef Meal

This is a meat concentrate made through the rendering process. It is a more abundant source of protein than whole meat. Rendering reduces the moisture content of the flesh, leaving you with a highly concentrated meat meal.

  1. Peas

Like all legumes, peas are a quality source of natural fiber. They also provide carbohydrates to boost your dog’s energy

  1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are gluten-free, thus making them safe for dogs with sensitivities. They also provide of Vitamin A, which promotes healthy coat, nerves, and muscles in dogs and puppies. Sweet potatoes are naturally rich dietary fiber and beta carotene.

  1. Chicken fat

This is another ingredient and is obtained from rendering chicken. The process involves skimming the fat from the surface of the chicken stew to get a high-quality product rich in linoleic acid and omega 6 fatty acid.

  1. Menhaden fishmeal

This ingredient is used in many premium dog foods to boost the overall level of protein. Menhaden fishmeal is high in omega3 and 6 fatty acids, essential for your dog’s heart and fur. Also, this fishmeal is easy to digest and contains all the amino acids needed for your pet’s growth, repair, and maintenance.

  1. Blood meal

This is a controversial ingredient that has been received with a lot of criticism from some quarters.  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations confirms that blood meal is not only safe but nutritious to your dog. According to this organization, properly rendering blood meals will not only eliminate the harmful bacteria but also increase its nutritional value and digestibility.

  1. Garbanzo beans

These legumes, also known as chickpeas, are rich in fiber and a range of minerals and vitamins. Moreover, these nutritious beans contain a decent protein amount of up to 15g and a low-fat content of 4g. This protein is crucial for growth and repair in your dog and also to support a healthy immune system.

  1. Pork meal

This is a meat concentrate achieved through the rendering process. The resultant meal is considered to contain up to 300% more protein than the whole pork.

  1. Yeast culture

Yeast is lauded as an excellent source of B-vitamin. Also, this ingredient has up to 45% protein and is rich in other essential nutrients that support the immune system. Additionally, yeast can be used as a probiotic to promote a healthy digestive process.

  1. Alfalfa meal

Although this high-protein item is mostly popular among livestock food, it is also used as an additive in many pet feeds. The green leaves of the alfalfa plant provide useful chlorophyll and digestible soluble fiber.

The above ten ingredients are the most crucial in this product. However, there are a couple of other items that have contributed significantly to the nutritional value of Victor Grain-Free Active. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Tomato pomace

This is the residual after processing tomato into juice, ketchup, or soup. Tomato pomace is a highly controversial ingredient. While proponents praise it for its high fiber and nutrient composition, opponents see it as a mere cheap filler.

  1. Dried seaweed meal

A product made from Rockweed and contains several healthy nutrients. Seaweed meal is common in livestock feed and only used in pet food to provide inexpensive carbohydrate.

  1. Vegetable oil

Non-specified oil from an unknown source is found in this product. It is difficult to determine the nutrition composition of this oil because it has been described so vaguely. There is named animal fat in the product, which shows that this particular generic vegetable oil is not considered a quality ingredient.

  1. Chelated minerals

Minerals are essential for your dog’s growth and development. Chelated minerals have been attached to organic molecules like amino acids making them easier to be absorbed in the dog’s body. These particular minerals are found in high-end dog foods.

  1. Selenium yeast

Natural organic selenium yeast found in this product is less toxic and contains an anti-cancer element. It also has antioxidant properties and helps restore the brain functionality of dogs affected by dementia.

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  • Nutritional ingredients

Victor Purpose Grain Free Active Dog & Puppy Dry Dog food combines different elements that offer your dog all the nutrition it needs. It will ensure that a balanced intake of proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential oils, and dietary fiber

  • Suitable for pups that have allergies

This nutrient-dense formula is specially designed for dogs that are allergic to specific proteins or grains. It is free of common allergens such as gluten, wheat, soy and corn

  • Chelated minerals

These have included in this food dog to ensure that your pet absorbs the entire mineral it needs for proper growth and development.

  • High in animal-derived proteins

A close look at the ingredients will tell you that this product obtains most of its proteins from animals. We know this type of protein to be of high value than the one derived from plants.

  • Grain-free

This is a tick if your pup is allergic to certain types of grains.


  • Standard size kibbles which may be too large for puppies and too small for some large dogs.
  • A bit low in calories for super-active dogs
  • Contains Blood meal

Customers’ Reviews

The majority of users gave this product a 5-star rating. These are some of the views

” When looking for excellent food for our 10-week old puppy, my husband and I wanted to get something grain-free with high ratings. Victor grain free active dog and puppy formula does not disappoint! Our puppy transitioned wonderfully from Purina to Victor with no messes”- Kel

“Our pup came home at 9 weeks, having been started on Victor. We are quite satisfied with the results, our German shepherd pup loves this food, she is a long-haired shepherd, and her coat is shiny and smooth. Her stools are well-formed and no issues with gas or diarrhea. We will continue to purchase Victor products.”-Keith

Our verdict

Judging by the ingredients and reviews from its users, Victor Purpose Grain Free Active Dog&Puppy Dry Food is a super pet feed. It provides dogs with sensitivities a multi-protein diet for proper growth, repair, and maintenance.

The premium ingredients are perfect for growing puppies, pregnant and lactating dogs, and active dogs with high energy demands. The recipe is also fortified with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to keep your furry friend healthy all year round. Choosing this diet for your dogs and puppies is an excellent idea as it will ensure all their nutritional needs are being met safely.

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