Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Food For Small Dog Reviews

Pet dogs come in all sizes ranging from large to small ones. Majority of the dog recipes in the market target either puppies or larger adult and mature dogs. This leaves the small breed of dogs with having to do with food diets for either the larger breeds or the younger breeds.

Finding the perfect recipe that caters for small size dog breeds is therefore a plus for pet owners with small dogs. Dogs of all breeds and sizes at one time or another suffer several health conditions caused by the kinds of foods they eat. Some of the ingredients cause allergies and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

To take care of these problems, pet owners turn to veterinary recommended dog food and the best diet a hydrolysed diet that contains a single protein source. In this article, we review one of the best-hydrolysed diets for small dogs, the ROYAL CANIN Hypoallergenic Food SMALL DOG.

Why use Hydrolysed Food Diet?

Before we look at one of the best-hydrolysed protein diets and its list of ingredients, it is important to understand why a hydrolysed diet is important for the dog. Many studies show that the major causes for allergies in dogs are their diets. Most of the diets contain proteins that play a big part in the functioning of the organs, arteries, tendons and glands. Proteins also help in repairing tissue damage and in the removal of toxins from the bodies.

Majority of the proteins in the diets contain Amino Acids that come as larger molecules. When they are in this state, the amino acids most likely cause allergic reactions and abdominal discomforts in dogs that lead to symptoms that range from vomiting, diarrhoea, lack of appetite, fatigue, loss of hair and many others. This is where hydrolysis comes into play.

Hydrolysis is simply the act of splitting the proteins into smaller digestible molecules. The hydrolysis process involves the addition of water to break down the larger amino acids into smaller molecules. The immune system of the dog adjusts to the smaller protein molecules thus stopping the allergic reactions.

When introducing hydrolysed proteins to the dogs, the idea is to try something different from what the dog was taking before. The concept of using hydrolysed proteins for the dogs is not a very old concept and it does not guarantee a total absence of allergens to the dog. It is therefore important to read all the reviews of the hydrolysed proteins in the market before rushing to buy the first one you find at the pet food stores.

One of the most acclaimed hydrolysed allergen free diets is the Royal Canin Hydrolysed Protein Small Dog.

Royal Canin Hydrolysed Protein Small Dog review

Manufactured by Mars Petcare Inc., Royal Canin recipes are the beat dry foods for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The meal contains nutritious and balanced ingredients that work well for maintaining the health of the dog. The formulation of the recipe meets all the needs of the adult small breed dogs.

It is also ideal for all other adult dogs. The AAFCO approved Hydrolysed Soy Protein is allergen free and easily digestible. The ingredients in the recipe help to reduce kidney stones risks in the dogs and to boost their dental health.


The main ingredient in the diet is Brewer’s Rice made up of small rice kernel fragments. The small fragments come from larger kernels of rice and do not have the same nutritional profiles as those of whole kernels. This makes the brewers rice a low quality grain. It is however more affordable and easily digestible.

The second main ingredient in the diet is Hydrolysed Soybean Protein, which is refined, isolate and purified. The hydrolysis of the soybean protein isolate makes it easier to get absorbed into the system of the dog faster than the intact protein isolate.

Chicken Fat is the third ingredient in the diet and it contains omega 6 fatty acids that are essential for bodybuilding and protection. The fourth essential ingredient is Natural Flavor that helps to improve the palatability of the diet.

Vegetable Oil is the fifth main ingredient in the diet. Another notable ingredient in the diet is Dried Plain Beet Pulp that is a by-product of sugar beets and helps with palatability. The diet also contains various vitamins and minerals.


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  • Highly digestible
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Contains no grains
  • Do not come with any artificial additives, flavors or colourings
  • Help with inflammatory bowel disorders
  • Help with bladder stones
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for all adult dogs irrespective of the breed


  • Not as palatable as the original non hydrolysed protein diets
  • Some may have lower nutritional values
  • Adherence to strict regimens for feeding is necessary which does not go too well with some pet owners

Customer’s reviews

This is what some of the customers that bought and used royal canin hydrolysed food had to say about the product.

Jey gave the diet a five star rating and had this to say.

“This food saved my dog. She was having bloody stool because we changed her food to blue buffalo. We went through hell. she pooped blood for about two weeks, we took her to the vet first time she pooped blood, changed her food to prescription, gave her antibiotics, gave her acid med and nothing made her better. We decided to buy this food and she got better on the second day of eating it. We gave her this food for a week and then changed to another royal canin food and she is healthier than ever. Royal canin saved my dogs life and I’ll never give her any food but royal canin, be careful with the food that you buy for your dog”

Another satisfied customer by the name M.Yi gave the diet five stars too and had this to say. “My yorkie (f) has had skin and ear problems and bloating (internal gas accumulation) for so many years cause of which we had no idea of, but thanks to an observant vet doctor, we changed her diet to this hydrolysed diet and it solved all her problems. I tried other brands and this one suits her best. I also mix her meal with canned wet type, which is only available from royal canin as far as I know. If your dog has itchy has itchy skin problems and smelly ears with lots of wax, suspect meat allergy and try this product. I only wish I had known this much earlier for my dog”

There you have it. Royal Canin Hydrolysed food is not only good for allergies and bowel disorders but it is also great for itchy skin, and the ears.


From reading the reviews and everything about this product, I can only conclude one thing; the product is the right one to use for any dog going through health problems. Your vet doctor will definitely recommend this product and I too recommend it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Wrapping it up

Royal Canin Hydrolysed Food Protein is definitely one of the best foods to give your dog if you want the best for it, the good thing is you have a wide selection of products from the manufacturer that suit all kinds of dogs. If you have small sized breeds, you have this product to go with. If you have adult and mature dogs, you have other products from the same brand to help and the same goes for puppies.

We have highlighted some of the products from the same manufacturer in our earlier articles and in case of any questions or comments, you can get in touch with us and we will gladly respond.

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