The Orijen Tundra Dog Food Review

As a pet owner, you want the best for your pet. Nothing is more exciting like a happy dog, and indeed, as they say, a healthy dog is a happy dog. The best way forward is ensuring your dog eats food that helps it thrive both internally and externally.

In this article, our primary focus is one of the top-rated products in the market: Orijen Tundra dog food. We are going to have a full review of the product sitting in every aspect you need to know. Let begin!


Orijen dog food was founded in 1985 by Reinhard Mulhlenfeld. Located in Alberta, Canada, and Kentucky, the company’s products are made by Champion Petfoods.

All over the world, their products are distributed to over 70 countries, expanding as time goes by.

Recall history

Other than the recall, which occurred in 2008 on Orijen Cat food . There are no records of any recalls on dog food as per the FDA. However, in June 2019, there were claims of the product being one of the 16 products in the world that cause heart disease. But this claim is still under investigation. It is not clear if the allegations are reals of not.

Product overview

This product is the best for dogs with a deep drive for meat. If your canine friend enjoys meat just like a grey wolf, this meal is the way forward. The Orijen-Tundra (goat venison bison) provides your dog with the real taste of meat since, in the wild, there are no artificial ingredients. By consuming the meat provided, they get to enrich their bodies with nutrients that will help them thrive.

In terms of percentage, a 38% protein and 20% carbohydrates product is a wonderful solution to get your dog growing.

There are several ingredients in the product that have various functions in the body of the dog.


  1. Goat

With goat as the main ingredient, you can be sure your dog has an easy time digesting the product. Goat is rich in high-quality protein, which is essential in the growth and development of the dog. It is also effortless to digest, and your dog will have an easy time digesting this product.

  1. Wild boar Kidney

The kidney is an excellent source of zinc, which is highly essential in blood circulation. Consuming enough zinc ensure that your dog remains healthy. It is also a great source of other minerals that are highly necessary for the dog.

  1. Arctic char

This is one of the ingredients in the product, which provides the dog with enough protein to promote growth.

  1. Steelhead trout

Your dog should enjoy the best in the market that is why steelhead tout is among the main ingredients in this product. Steelhead trout is a wonderful source of several nutrients. This includes potassium, omega 3, and selenium, not forgetting protein. They are responsible for the beautiful shiny skin in dogs.

  1. Whole green lentils,

For a dog that enjoys eating, this ingredient will always keep it satisfied. This ingredient is a known source of fiber, plant-based protein, and iron. It also helps the dog feel fuller.

  1. Whole parsnips

This ingredient serves as a good source of vitamin and B6, which promotes the general health of your dog, by strengthening the immune system. They are in limited amounts in the product since they contain high sugar.

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  1. Spinach green

Spinach green is among the finest ingredients in the product. They are sources of Vitamin C, B, and K. Moreover, it is also an excellent source of antioxidants that help keep the dog younger and even more lively.

  1. Duck fat

This is a suitable source of Omega 3, which helps keep up the skin and coat of the dog. It is also good for the dog’s skin and coat health. If your dog is underweight, this is the ingredient in the product that will help you adjust your pet’s weight.

  1. Mutton Tripe

As for dogs with sensitive stomachs, this ingredient is included in the product for them. Some dogs are also selective, but this product will help them enjoy their meal. This ingredient is easy to digest.

  1. Herring meal

For the health of your heart, this is the ingredient in the product that works the magic. Herring meal is a beautiful source of oil, which functions to prevent heart complications. This way, your dog remains jovial and active.

Several other ingredients contribute to the general formula of this product. But what are the upsides and downsides of these products?


  • Its 100%gaten free, suitable for all dogs
  • It is very nutritious with high-quality protein, to promote growth and development
  • Provides natural taste for the animal to enjoy
  • It has no artificial flavor added
  • Very unique since most of the product is composed of meat
  • It has several ingredients that are highly essential to the general health of the dog.


  • Some dogs react different t to this product
  • Some of the ingredients used may have a significant effect on the general health of the dog if used excessively.
  • The product may not last longer

Customer review

“Due to some allergies, My three dogs were very selective with Orijen 6 Fish mixed with some to accommodate the farmers market. That’s why I decided to give a try to Tundra, to offer my dog to explore the different options, this makes me wonder if serving those fish at every meal was healthy. The dogs love it, and we have the same amazing results — still no more allergy medication, beautiful coat, healthy, and happy dogs. I then tried Orijen’s Regional Red with. Again, great results. I highly recommend any Orijen gluten-free food”AP

“We only purchase the Orijen Tundra. Yes, it’s pricey, though our dog absolutely loves it. We tried other flavors until they changed the kibble size. Plus, I believe this is made in Canada vs. Orijen’s other flavors. Canada has stricter pet food regulations vs. the crap they allow in the dog food made here.”Dealerof21

Our Verdict

It only takes the practical experience to tell if a product is efficient of just a waste of time. However, not all products that seem okay to the dog satisfy the nutritional needs of these beautiful creatures. This is why you have to go for a product that provides for all the dog’s needs.

The Orijen Tundra Dog 25 Lbs. Goat Venison Bison is a product capable of satisfying every dog’s nutritional needs. Currently, it is among the best products in the market that offer the dog with the natural taste of their prey. Their high protein quantity makes then very effective in promoting growth in puppies and adult dogs. Here is where every ingredient counts. You can never go wrong by making this product your number one choice.

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