Orijen Regional Red Dog Food Review

Given the increase in the number of companies producing dog food. It is hard for pet owners to find the best product that suits your dog’s nutritional needs. A contributing reason why you should try the Orijen Regional Red.

The Orijen Regional Red is a product for all dogs formulated to match every dog’s diet. We have taken our time to prepare an in-depth review of this product, helping you discover its upsides and downsides. This way, you can choose if it is the right product for your dog.


As a well-known premium brand of dog food, Orijen was founded in 1985 by Reinhard Muhienfeld. Champion Petfoods make the product. However, there are many locations where this product is manufactured. This includes Alberta, Kentucky, and lastly, Alberta. Currently, this product is supplied to over 70 countries in the world.

Recall History

In late June 2019, FDS well-referred to as the Food and Drug Administration identified the product as one of the 16 pet food brands that cause heart disease in dogs. However, the product is still under investigation on this accuses.

So far, there are no recalls related to the Orijen Regional Red dog food.

Product Overview

The manufactures of this product praise it for its incredible formula, which is compatible with every dog’s natural diet. The Orijen Grain Free is said to contain high-grade protein-packed with nature’s most excellent dog food ingredient. This means the food is ideal for your canine friend back at home, especially if the pet enjoys the natural taste of meat.

Considering the beautiful ingredients used to make this excellent product, it had an incredible team of nutritionists selecting each element careful. The product is suitable for dogs of every breed, size, and, most importantly, life stage.


The product is composed of several elements that contribute to the general health of your dog.

  1. Deboned beef

Deboned beef provides protein for your dog. One way to ensure that your dog thrives. It is also a great source of essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that promotes healthy skin, joints, and muscles.

  1. Deboned goat

There are numerous advantages of goat in this product. To begin with, the goat is easy to digest; it also contains high amounts of short and medium-chain fatty acids.

Dogs undergo inflammation, but goat works to reduce these instances. Moreover, it supports metabolism acting as an antacid.

  1. Lamb’s liver

Lamb’s liver is an incredible source of iron, zinc, copper, and phosphorus. It also provides vitamin B, Omega 6 fatty acids, and Omega 3. This ingredient ensures that your dog has a balanced diet every time it takes the product.

  1. Mackerel Meal

Mackerel provides EPA and DHA, which reduces inflammation and promotes cognitive development. Provide the meal several times in a week will ensure your dog has enough EPA and DHA for wonderful health.

  1. Whole Green Peas

Among the most proficient ingredients in the product is the whole green peas. It provides Vitamin K, A, and B. Moreover, the element is packed with potassium, iron, and magnesium. The product is also rich in protein and fiber, promoting growth and digestion effectively.

  1. Whole navy beans

Whole navy beans are rich in fiber with some protein. Moreover, they are entirely fat-free.

  1. Pork Kidney

The ingredient is rich in zinc. Providing the product with enough to aid in boosting the immune system of the dog. Moreover, the product promotes healthy skin and coat in dogs.

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  1. Pollock Oil

Pollock is a dog food supplement that is included in some of the best products. It is rich in Omega 3. General the ingredient is meant to promote skin health, ensuring joint and cardiovascular health.

  1. Whole Apples

Whole apples are rich in fiber, which is highly essential in the dog’s digestive system. It is also an enriching source of Vitamins that can help boost the pet’s immunes system preventing sickness.

  1. Dried Kelp

Generally, Kelp is a wonderful source of Iodine, which promotes thyroid function. This ingredient protects your pet form hypothyroidism; it also helps in maintaining shiny and healthy skin and coat in dogs. If you are keeping a dog with dry skin, eating the product will help reduced hair loss and keep the skin attractive.


  • It is biologically appropriate, serving every dog breed regardless of size and age. It is composed of quality ingredients that ensure the dog has the best, to help it thrive.
  • There are no artificial ingredients used in this product.
  • The product is 100% grain-free.
  • If your dog is has a sensitive stomach, the product is formulated to ease the digestion process.
  • The product is mainly composed of meat, making it the best product for your dog.
  • The dogs experience less poo, less sticky poo, and reduced skin allergy.
  • One can switch from one to another formulation.


  • In case the product is wrongly stored, .it may be a potential cause of salmonella.
  • It has no favors (it may take some time for the dogs to get used to the product. Especially if they were enjoying a product packed with numerous flavors. )

Customer Review

“Exceeded my expectations– I have an older Dobie and chihuahua and switched them both. Before Orijen, each would Bonita some yellow bile sometimes once a month, sometimes once every two days. Before spending big dollars at the vet, I decided to change foods (what is the one thing each dog has in common, which might cause them BOTH to vomit bile?)

We are a month into it, and the switch was way more comfortable than previous foods, no bile vomit, the dogs don’t eat grass outside anymore (which I find fascinating), and my older Dobie has stopped chewing on blankets… They both love it more than the honest kitchen freeze dried too.”– J Feld man

“Best dog food for our GSD. I had ordered this from another large on-line pet site for years, but they stopped distributing it, and without informing me in advance! I found a very reputable company on Amazon and once again have our dog on Regional Red. It comes better package and, while not as fast, is still a great product. It has helped with skin conditions, regularity, and general energy levels. It’s expensive but in my opinion, well worth the price.”-RR

Our Verdict

Since numerous companies claim to provide the best product for your pet. It is your mandate as the pet owner to take time and evaluate the product thoroughly. Luckily we have provided you with a beautiful product to get you started. As mentioned, the Orijen Regional Red is a wonderful source of high-quality protein that will leave your dog satisfied.

However, different customers have varying opinion on which is the best product for your dogs. But this should not stop you. With just one month of using this product, you will be able to tell the vast difference in the dog’s behavior and growth. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

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