Fromm Grain Free Dog Food Reviews

Some of the ingredients in dog food recipes sound like a meal from a five star restaurant. It is hard for some people to believe that dogs deserve just as much quality food as humans do. Some dog food companies will go to many lengths to ensure that your dog gets only the best. One such company is Fromm’s family owned pet food company.

The Wisconsin based company gives us yet another nutritious highly efficient dog food that comes with a blend of quality ingredients that at first glance you will assume they are good for you too. The dog food is Fromm Four Star Grain Free Dry Dog Food – Game Bird Recipe. We reviewed this product and came up with the following review.

Product Summary


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  • Consists of a highly nutritious diet made from a blend of different ingredients
  • Recipe made from real meat with duck being the main ingredient
  • Easy to absorb proteins
  • Contains Wisconsin cheese
  • Grain free recipe
  • Ideal for all the stages of a dog’s growth
  • Mixes easily with other Fromm recipes
  • Gentle on the dogs stomach and digestive system


  • Expensive

Fromm Four Star Grain Free Dry Dog Food – Game Bird Recipe

Many of the dog recipes in the market come packed for various stages of growth for the dog. You will find meals specifically formulated for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs , lactating dogs and so on. Rarely do you find a meal that suits all the growing stages of a dog. However, with Fromm, you can expect all the recipes you need including the above meal, which is ideal for all the stages of growth.

The meal is highly nutritious and consists of a blend of quality proteins and other ingredients. The Wisconsin based family owned food company only manufactures holistic recipes that go into building the dog’s immune system, muscle strength and overall health. The grain free meal is all-natural, made from real meat. It does not contain any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

You do not have to worry about your dig developing stomach upsets or digestive problems because the food is grain free. All the Fromm dog foods are safe to use on your furry best friends without worrying about any allergy attacks. If you are transitioning your dog from a different meal, you can trust this product to be one of the best to transition to.


The first main ingredient in Fromm Four Star Nutritional Game Bird Recipe Dog Foods is turkey. Turkey contains about 60% moisture but it is an excellent source of protein. The amount however reduces after cooking making it necessary to include other meat ingredients to the recipe to ensure that there is enough meat protein in the meal.

Duck , cooked through the rendering process is the second main ingredient. Rendering the meat protein allows moisture to reduce which in turn makes the ingredient a condensed protein with the highest health benefits. Turkey broth is the third ingredient and even though it has minimal nutritional value, it adds flavor and moisture to the food.

Lentil, the fourth ingredient is a diary fiber rich in minerals and Vitamin B. The ingredient provides the dog food with high amounts of plant based protein. Chickpea the fifth ingredient is a source of carbohydrate and rich in protein and dietary fiber. These five are the main ingredients because they contain the highest levels of nutrients.

The other ingredients in the recipe are also as important as these five and they include pea , which belongs to the legume family and is rich in plant-based protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. In the mix is also potato, which is a source of minerals, antioxidants, dietary fiber and vitamins. Potatoes make great ingredients because they do not contain gluten and they are common in grain free dog products.

Next on the line is turkey liver, which is a high quality source of fat, vitamins, minerals and protein. Other ingredients worth noting are chicken meal, also produced through rendering, pea flour, dried tomato pomace, chicken fat, dried egg product, pea protein, salmon oil, sweet potato and chicken. Others are flaxseed, cheese, pheasant, quail, pumpkin, duck, and carrot among many others.

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Nutritional content

  • Crude fiber 6.5%
  • Crude protein 29%
  • Crude fat 17%
  • Moisture 10%

Customer’s reviews

On average, the dog food got a star rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars though many of the customers were happy with the results they saw in their dogs after consuming the recipe below are some of the reviews from satisfied customers.

Murphy Mom from Idaho gave a five star rating and had this to say. “Murphy is a very picky eater and dog food does not excite him but he usually eats his food. I get the duck and game formula and I add Stella’s Duck Duck Goose on top. Fromm has beautiful packaging allowing them to reduce their pricing. Food for thought, I recommend you give this dog food a try as it is grain free and they use only quality ingredients”

Another satisfied customer also gave the food five stars and said: “Kibble is a great size and seems to be of high quality. My 4.5-month-old pup is fairly picky but seemed to like this kibble. also great that you can mix together with other Fromm four star flavors, which helps keep our dog interested in eating consistently”

Lisa from Palm Beach Florida also with a five star rating had this to say. “My dog loves this dog food, which pleases me since it is grain free and he has allergies, and this food seems to seriously help. Not many places carry this brand so I was beyond happy to find it. Thank you from myself and my happy dog”

Lastly, Rileymom with a five star rating said: “I purchased this brand for my blonde yorkie puppy. we had been having eye stain problems and after a few months on this grain free blend, the eye stains were 95% gone, very little wiping necessary. After concerns have been posted about cardiovascular concerns related to grain free foods, I contacted the company and found this product is supplemented with Taurine. I am continuing to use this for my puppy who only gets the best of anything I can find for him”


If you cannot take my word for how amazing this product is, then the above reviews will convince you. I would highly recommend Fromm products to anyone and this one in particular because you can mix it with other recipes for even better results it is affordable, tasty and highly nutritious.

Wrapping it up

There is something great about finding a recipe that you can feed your dog with through his or growth stages. This is what makes the above product stand out from the rest and all for good reasons. your dog will love the flavour and the meat in the recipe. The ingredients provide the dog with strength and the recipe is gentle on the dog’s stomach.

Browse through our website to read on more dog foods that come with natural ingredients and many benefits. If you have any question to ask or anything to add to this article, kindly share your sentiments on the comment box and we will respond accordingly.

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