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Large breed dogs are those that weigh 50 pounds and above. The dog’s adult life is also the time when they are at their prime. The digs are very active in their proem years and they need much energy in order to cope with their activities. One way of doing this is by feeding them with highly nutritious diets that will not interfere with their heath and digestive system.

High protein recipes are the best options for dogs in their prime years. The recipe you choose for your adult dog should have a balance of proteins, essential vitamins, fats, minerals and if necessary carbohydrates. One of the best recipes for adult dogs in the market today is Fromm Adult Gold Large Breed Formula.

Fromm Gold Adult Formula Dry Dog Food Summary

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  • Wholesome recipe with balanced and nutritious ingredients
  • A product of family based firm Fromm gold from Wisconsin USA
  • Meant for adult dogs weighing 50 pounds and above
  • Contains probiotics and prebiotics that support the digestive system
  • Contains no wheat, soy or corn
  • Have no added preservatives, colors or flavors
  • All ingredients are natural
  • Contains omega fatty acids
  • USDA and AAFCO approved
  • Comes with added cartilage that helps to support health of the joints
  • Helps with weight loss management
  • Helps to keep the dog’s skin and coat healthy ad shiny
  • Made with real Wisconsin cheese
  • Main ingredients include chicken, lamb, Wisconsin duck and fish among others
  • Holistic food recipe


  • Expensive compared to other brands of adult dry dog foods

Fromm Adult Gold Large Breed Formula Review

Fromm Adult Gold Large Breed Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Large Breed 50+
  • Added cartilage to support joint health.
  • Real Wisconsin cheese Viable prebiotics & probiotics
  • Optimum omega fatty acids ratio Corn, wheat, and by-product free 100% USDA-Inspected Ingredients
  • Made in the USA in a USDA-Inspected plant

Adult dogs definitely need food that will keep it growing stringer and healthier. Adult dogs like puppies are active and in order to replenish the energy they use to play and move around the food they take should have enough energy levels. This product from Fromm gold, a family based company in Wisconsin, is one of the most nutritious recipes for adult dogs. The firm believes in giving only holistic all natural ingredients to pets.

The recipe contains a balanced blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals and a few carbs. It also contains omega fatty acids that help to keep the dogs coat healthy and shiny throughout. The diet helps to strengthen the digs muscles and hep in weight management.

For healthy and proper digestive system, the recipe contains prebiotics and probiotics that ensure that the dog does not get bloated or suffer any side effects after taking the recipe. The meal is especially good for dogs with sensitive stomachs and those that suffer from allergies. It is also a great recipe for dogs transitioning into a new diet.


Chicken is the first main ingredient in this recipe. The chicken in the recipe is 73% water and it loses its moisture after cooking thus reducing the weight. This leads to the recipe having a small quality of chicken. However small, it is of the greatest quality.

The second most important ingredient in the recipe is chicken meal . The meal concentrate contains more of the protein in the recipe than the actual chicken. Chicken broth, the third ingredient offers minimal nutritional value but it helps to add flavor and moisture to the food.

Oat groats , a whole grain is the fourth ingredient. The grain contains a gluten free high calorie content with average nutritional values. Other ingredients in the recipe include barley, which helps to provide the body with the much-needed fiber. Other notable ingredients are brown rice, chicken fat, menhaden fishmeal, tomato pomace, flaxseed, salmon oil, brewers yeast, alfalfa meal, chicory root, minerals and vitamins. The ingredients give the dog food an above average dry food quality.

Nutritional values

  • Protein levels in the food is 28%
  • Fat level is 18%
  • Carbohydrates is an estimated 46%
  • Fat to protein ratio is 58%

Customer’s reviews

Reviews on the above dry food product are mostly positive with very few complaints. Many of those that reviewed the product said that their dogs performed better health wise after transitioning to this meal without any side effects. One of the complaints was concerning the price which some felt was on the higher side. Other than that, the food got a number of five star ratings from amazon customers.

Brad gave the recipe five stars and had this to say; My Dane and pit-bull love this stuff! They are more active than ever before and their coats became AMAZINGLY soft within the first week of switching to Fromm. Best dry food on the market and I’ve tried a lot.”

Duffer also gave the recipe five stars and had this to say; I am very careful about what I feed max, my Dobie. His predecessor, also a Dobie, died after eating poisonous food from china. Everything I have been able to find out about the Fromm brand is that it is in the USA. It is comfort to know that you are not feeding your dog a harmful product. Yes it is pricey but so is my best furry friend max.”

Sts in New England gave the recipe five stars and had this to add: “Folks are always commenting how shiny my black labs coat is. This is all she eats, so this is where I give the credit. She’s very active, very healthy and loves her Fromms”

Sarah another satisfied customer said: This food arrives so fast every time I order it that I am starting to get spoiled and lazy with how late I wait! They are awesome. Fromm is one of the best dog food out there, it is increasingly hard to find retail, and so I am glad I can get it delivered straight to my door so easily and for the same price as going out to the store. If the price goes up, I will go back and purchase it at retailer, but until then, they can count on me every month!!”

Another five star rating came from Lashaine Frazier who said: “Our pit unfortunately has skin allergies. We switched and saw a significant difference. She likes it very much.”


If the above reviews do not convince you that this recipe is the right one for your adult dog, I do not know what else will. The price is high yes, but that is only because the ingredients that goes into making the recipe are all natural and of very high quality. Personally, I would buy this recipe any time and I highly recommend it.

Wrapping it up

You can never go wrong with Fromm gold food products. The meals are grain free and they have a good balance of proteins and other ingredients. They are the best to use if you want a happy healthy dog around you. The best thing about Fromm gold is that you have a special recipe for all your dog’s stages off growth.

For more on dry dog food and GRAIN FREE recipes, read our earlier articles. In addition, if you have any questions to ask or anything to add to what is in this article, feel free to reach out to us through the comment box and we will respond. You can also share this article with a friend or relative that is searching for the best dry food for adult dogs.

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