Best Blue Buffalo Canned Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is one of the most popular brands and top manufacturers of nutritious and balanced dog food recipes. Among the many different types of recipes is the Homestyle canned food that features 14 different wet food recipes. All the 14 Blue Buffalo canned dog food recipes contain ingredients that go with the different stages of the dog’s growth.

Some of the recipes are puppy-canned food, while the others are for adult, mature, senior, large, small, and other breed of dogs.  The wet food formula of the Blue Buffalo features four different formulas, which allows you to choose the best one for your dog.

The formulas include whole protein ingredients of chicken, lamb, beef, fish or turkey alongside garden veggies and fruits. The ingredients also contain vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help with the dog’s strong and healthy growth to help them keep up with their active lives. All the ingredients in the canned foods are natural with no added preservatives, flavors, corn, soy or wheat.

Benefits of Blue Buffalo Canned Dog Food


  • All ingredients are natural
  • Recipes do not contain by product fillers
  • Ideal for dogs of all ages and breeds
  • Ideal for dogs and puppies with gluten intolerance
  • Many options to choose from
  • Diverse formulas for all breeds
  • No dyes, preservatives, corn, soy or wheat


  • More expensive than dry foods

Our Top Picks Blue Buffalo Dog Food Canned

We reviewed all the recipes in the line of the Blue Buffalo canned dog food and even though all the recipes contain great natural protein with a blend of veggies and fruits, the following three products represent what to expect from the Blue Buffalo Homestyle dog recipes.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Senior Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Chicken Recipe keeps your senior flurry dog healthy and happy with an all-natural blend of ingredients. The recipe features real chicken as the main ingredient, followed by a mixture of veggies and fruits. In addition to the ingredients are chondroitin and glucosamine.

The recipe’s formulation supports all the nutritional needs of a senior dog as well as strengthening the mobility of the joints. The high quality protein derived from chicken promotes healthy muscles while the minerals and vitamins enhance the dog’s immune system and metabolism.

The meal contains no soy, preservatives or artificial additives and flavors. Other notable ingredients are barley, peas, sweet potatoes, flaxseed, chicken broth, chicken liver, carrots, brown rice and oatmeal among many others. The caloric content of the recipe is 1,119 Kcal/Kg or 396 Kcal/Cup.    


  • Highly nutritious providing the senior dogs with high quality proteins
  • All natural ingredients
  • Balanced diet of chicken as the main ingredient alongside minerals and vitamins for essential growth and heath
  • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints and good mobility
  • Keeps the senior dog strong
  • Helps to maintain the dog’s healthy muscles
  • Contain no soy, by-product, wheat, corn, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Great reviews


  • Expensive

Blue Buffalo Blue Homestyle Recipe Chicken Adult Dog Food

This chicken recipe for adult dog from Blue Buffalo is a soft food that contains all-natural ingredients of proteins veggies and fruits. The ingredients are rich in vitamins, mineral and antioxidants made of up of the exclusive LifeSource Bits of blue buffalo. The recipe does not contain any chicken by product but only whole chicken as the main product.

There are no artificial preservatives in the recipe and it is free from wheat, soy and corn. Formulated for the adult dog, the recipe is also a great meal for transitioning from puppy food to adult dog food. The diet is also good for dogs with sensitive stomachs and those with weight challenges.


  • Highly nutritious all natural diet
  • Contains chicken as the main ingredient
  • Contains minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help to keep the dogs system and joint mobility strong and healthy
  • Contains protein that helps to build the dogs muscles
  • Easy to chew as it is soft
  • Good for sensitive stomach
  • Does not contain corn, wheat, soy, artificial additives or flavors


  • Expensive

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Canned Variety Pack Dog Food

The variety pack dog food from Blue Buffalo, comes in a pack of 12 cans all filled with nutritious goodness for the dog. With the main protein ingredients being turkey, chicken and beef, the recipes provide the dog from the puppy stage to the adult stage with wholesome rich nutrition that helps them to grow healthy and strong.

Each recipe contains an all-natural blend of ingredients that also includes quality veggies and fruits that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The high quality protein content in each can helps to maintain the dog’s lean muscle mass and give it the energy needed for the active life it leads. The canned foods contain no soy, corn, wheat or artificial additives and flavors. Each can of food weighs 12.5 oz. Caloric content of the recipe per can is 1,194 Kcal/Kg or 421 Kcal/Cup.


  • Comes in a pack of 12 delicious recipes for the dog
  • Contains high quality proteins
  • Provides the dog with energy and helps to maintain its lean muscles
  • The first ingredient of the recipes is real turkey, real chicken and real beef
  • Contains a quality mixture of garden fruits and vegetables
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that keep the dog healthy and strong
  • Does not contain any by-products, corn, soy, wheat, preservatives or added flavors
  • Ideal for small, medium and large breed dogs
  • Tasty as dogs love the recipes


  • Expensive

Wrapping it up

The reason why Blue Buffalo is a choice for many dog owners is that the recipes really work on their pet friends. The ingredients in the diets do not cause digestive and stomach problems that many other brands cause. They are wet foods that are easily digestible and tasty to eat.

Blue Buffalo canned dog food is friendly on the stomach especially during the transitioning period. The recipes, which all contain natural garden ingredients and whole protein ingredients come in a variety of different formula for different stages of the dog’s life, which makes it easier.

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