Best Dog Food Brands Reviews By Rating

When it comes to choosing quality dog food, pet owners get into some problems deciding on the best because there are many different brands all with varying recipes in the market. Finding the right recipe depends on several factors. Going through the reviews and ratings of majority of the dog food brands list is also cumbersome considering the large number of brands.

It is almost impossible to choose one brand from the other, especially when they have the same kinds of ingredients.

We however did the review on the different brands in the market and came up with a list of the best brands to buy for your growing pets.

Our Top Dog Food Brands List

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is one of the leading dog food manufacturers. They have a dry and wet line of recipes all made from natural ingredients. The recipes cater for dogs of all ages and all breeds. The main ingredients in the dog food are protein with other ingredients of veggies and garden fruits completing the mixtures.

The dog foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Some of the dry food recipes are also great for diabetic dogs and those with weight problems. The major protein ingredients in blue buffalo recipes are chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and fish.

Zignature Dog Food

Zignature is another popular brand but their recipes do not contain chicken as the main protein ingredient. compared to other meat proteins, chicken is the cheapest but there are also many dogs that are allergic to chicken, which makes the brand also has recipes for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The thing that sets this brand aside is their choice of meat recipes that include catfish formula, kangaroo formula and guinea fowl formula among many others. It is a dry dog food brand.

Fromm Dog Food

The family operated Fromm Company also makes quality and nutritious dog food diets. For people looking for holistic nutrition for their dogs, Fromm is the way to go. The recipes are affordable compared to many others in the market and all the ingredients are from US grown grains and raised meats. They also have grain free and grain rich food options.

Wellness Dog Food

Another quality brand is wellness that covers a wide spectrum of food recipes. The recipes of this brand come with balanced formulas, protein rich and grain free diets. The have limited ingredient recipes, baked recipes and single ingredient recipes. Another factor that makes the brand popular is their involvement with community activities such as recycling and making donations.

Taste Of the Wild Dog Food

The grain free formulas of taste of the wild brand are also another favoirite with many dog owners. The company adds probiotics to the ingredients to help with the dog’s digestion and a stronger immune supportive system. The rich mix of ingredients all work towards the wellbeing of the dog. The dog foods are also affordable and a number of them are grain free.

Orijen Dog Food

The amazing quality of the ingredients and the values of the company are what make Orijen one of our top choices for one of the best brands in the market. The company uses fresh high quality natural ingredients all geared at the wellbeing of the pets. One of the things that set the recipes apart from the rest is that they do not contain any natural flavors yet the dogs love the diets.

Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food

Canidae is an international brand that caters for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. This recipe formulas feature fish, chicken, lamb and turkey meals for rich protein kibbles. To add to the nutritional value, the company also blends in rice, veggies, oatmeal, pineapple and cranberries into the protein formulas. The solutions also include probiotics, omega 3 and 6 fatty acid and antioxidants that help with the digestive system and keeping the dogs coat and skin shiny and healthy.

ACANA Dog Food

Owned by the Premium dog food manufacturer that also owns Orijen, ACANA is another quality brand that goes into our list. 70% of the ingredients in ACANA recipes are poultry, fish and eggs. Chicken and turkey are the two poultry ingredients that make the main ingredients in majority of the recipes. All the meat in the recipes is from Kentucky. Alongside the proteins are vitamins and minerals that add to the overall health of the dog.


Dog food brands to avoid

Just as there are plenty of good and quality brands, there are also some brands that do not have the right ingredients for the dog’s nutritional values. One of the reasons is that the recipes do not contain protein rich ingredients, which are the first major benefit to a dog’s growth, or they contain fillers that do not do the pets any good. The brands that make the list are;

Sportmix Wholesome Gourmet Biscuits

The recipe is a no because it contains dry leftovers, preservatives and fat which may harm the dogs digestive system.

Kal Kan Complete Adult Dog Food

The main ingredient in this food recipe is corn, which has low energy content. Many dogs are also allergic to grains, which is another reason to avoid the brand. The meat content in the recipe is also not properly specified which makes it less attractive to buy.

IAMS Proactive Health Adult Dog Food

This recipe also contains cornmeal as one of the major ingredients after chicken. Corn is a grain with low nutritional value to the dog and therefore not considered as a worthy part of its diet.

Gravy Train

Gravy train is another brand name to avoid as the recipe contains harmful ingredients that are of no nutritional value to the dog. The recipe uses meat by products and corn as the main ingredients.

Purina Dog Chew

Though Purina is popular with many dog owners, it is unfortunately one of the dog brand foods to avoid. This is because the recipes contain low quality ingredients with little nutritional values. The main ingredients in Purina dog food recipes are corn, soy and wheat products which are all grains and harmful to the dogs digestive system. The foods also contain artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.

List Of Top Healthy Dog Food Brands

Buying a quality dog food brand is not that hard if you know the needs of your pet and the nutritional value of the ingredients. Grain rich recipes are not good for a growing dog, as it adds no nutritional value. Grains are also not friendly to the dog’s digestive system and they may cause serious problems such as flatulence, diarrhea, and allergy reactions. We hope that with this list of the good and the not so good, you will find it easier finding the right diet for your dog.

Healthiest Dog Food Brands

Raw Dog Food Brands

Premium Dog Food Brands

Wet Dog Food Brands

Low Fat Dog Food Brands For Pancreatitis

Grain Free Dog Food Brands

Organic Dog Food Brands

Human Grade Dog Food Brands

Freeze Dried Dog Food Brands

Hypoallergenic Dog Food Brands

Dog Food Brands Linked To Heart Disease

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